I was hired to redesign eLearning for the Enterprise and Devices group at T-Mobile. I also designed a graphics standards manual to help course authors and developers adhere to the new design.

The pages of this manual exemplify correct use of the T-Mobile internal brand as well as how to lay out course content.

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Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
My Role: Art direction, design, illustration

elearning manual cover

Corporate ethics poster

I was hired to design this poster to help remind employees to adhere to best ethics practices, and to reach out for help in making the right call.

This design uses humor to encourage compliance.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
My Role: Designer, Illustrator

corporate ethics poster

Software Ad

Xtream Path is a plug-in which adds tools and functionality to Adobe Illustrator. It enables the User to create complex shapes far more easily than with Illustrator’s native toolset.

This ad appeared in a software magazine where it needed to quickly demonstrate Xtream Path’s functionality to the reader.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Xtream Path Plug-in
My Role: Designer, Illustrator

adobe illustrator plugin ad

Jazz concerts poster

A poster I designed for a series of coffeeshop performances of familiar jazz standards.

At these shows, the musicians played the familiar melody of these tunes for a few bars, then did experimental improv.

I used the image of a safety pin tied in a knot to parallel what was done with the melodies: something familiar, in an unfamiliar state.

Tools: Torch, pliers, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
My Role: Designer, Illustrator

jazz concerts poster